Methods of Cooking Meat

Everyone today needs innovative and smart tips for cooking food for their families because of the busy schedules each day. There are many methods of cooking meat but which is right for you?

Everyone loves meat products, and they often include chicken and beef. Generally, there is a total of three main methods by which you can cook meat, Smoking, Grilling, and Barbecuing. All the methods are somewhat similar, but the amount of cooking time is different in these methods.

Let us take a look at these three different methods of preparing meat and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.


Smoking Meat

Smoking is one of the oldest forms of cooking meat products. It is an ancient yet beautiful way to prepare food especially when you love meat and fish.

The most beneficial point of smoking is that you can get the tastiest meat dishes. You just have to select a nice smoker for preparing meat. With the help of smoking, you can also cook different vegetables, fish, and pork.

Next, immerse the meat in various spices such as pepper, salt, chillies and/or many others. This process is known as marinating. You can marinade vegetables and pork which you want to eat.

After marinating, wrap the meat in a plastic cover and refridgerate for a few hours so that the spices get properly infused into the meat.

Meanwhile, start the smoker and let it preheat for some time. Put the meat in the smoker and decide the number of hours you will cook the meat depending on its thickness.

Some meat products take more than 12 hours to be cooked. Open the smoker and see the smoked meat and what you get is delicious and tasty meat which can enjoy with your family.


barbequing meat

The next method of cooking meat is barbequing (or BBQ for short) which is again a simple yet wonderful way to get a juicy meat item.

Firstly, choose your favorite larger meat cut which you want to enjoy. You can take beef, fish, or pork. The next step is to marinade the meat by rubbing on your favorite spices and seasonings.

Then let the grill be heated by greasing it with paper immersed in olive oil. Put the meat on the grill and indirectly cook it on a low heat (around 225F) with the lid closed for more than 3 hours. It may also take more time for the meat is thicker.

Just remove the meat from the grill plate and place it on the table to satisfy your taste buds along with your family members and friends. You can apply the same method in case of vegetables and other meat products.

Barbequing is fun when you have your close ones and friends to enjoy meat. It cooks the meat products in a short amount of time and provides you with the most delicious meat ever.


grilling meat

The last on the list, but not least, is grilling which is the quickest way to get most delicious meat items. You can get the meat items in just a few minutes whenever you have a party at your place. Typically, the meat is thinner than for barbequing and the temperature is high and the meat is directly over the flame.

The process is somewhat the same starting with seasoning the meat. Take all your favorite spices to marinade the meat in your style. Let the meat be marinated for longer hours in the fridge so that it can gain more awesome taste.

Preheat the grill for 10-15 minutes to a bit higher temperature (at least 350F and up). You can also choose a charcoal grill to cook the meat as it is a natural way by coking with the help of fire.

Now, it’s time to grease the grill plate with paper dipped in olive oil. The third step is to put the meat on the grill plate and sear each side and wait for a few minutes until your desired doneness. Check out this handy chart to see how long you should grill your steaks based on their thickness and the internal temp of the meat.

Grilling Time Chart

Remove the meat from the plate and enjoy the dinner at night with your friends.


So far, we discussed all the methods of cooking meat and their advantages.

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages. Some of these methods take many hours longer hours while some are very quick but can provide you dried or burnt meat if you aren’t careful. It is up to you to select whether you choose to smoke, barbeque or grill your cut of meat.

You have to focus on the cooking time. If you have excelled in cooking the meat at the exact time, you will always get juicy meat items when you have a special occasion at your place. Select any one method and prepare your favorite meat item with it.

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