Meat Mistakes

Cooking is really a lovely activity until you are doing it the incorrect way. Smoking meat and vegetables takes some good care and handling.

If you want to have a pleasant weekend dinner of smoked fish or meat with your friends and family members, keep in mind the following points while smoking the vegetables or meat. If you are cooking meat with slow smoking, these points will serve your purpose well.

Let us discuss some of the mistakes which you should avoid while smoking meats or vegetables.

Avoid Using Wrong Burning Chips

The first thing you should keep in mind is a selection of wood chips according to the meat. Choosing the right burning or wood chips will make the meat tastier. It adds to the flavor of the meat. You should never experiment with the wrong burning chip for smoking meat. First, you should learn the basic rules of smoking. After being an expert in basic rules, you can then try some new seasoning ideas for your meat. There are 2 models of smokers from which you can select according to the type of meat you are cooking in it.

No Lighter Fluids

One of the most important things to remember while setting a fire for the smoker is to avoid using lighter fluid. A regular smoker needs charcoal or wood chips which should never be ignited with lighter fluid. Lighter fluid can burn down the whole backyard if you are careless.

You can take a paper towel dipped in olive oil and later put it on pieces of charcoal. Olive oil will set the fire on the charcoal while paper towel produces heat to burn the charcoal. The paper towel method is very safe to use especially when you are a beginner in the smoking process.

Type of Meat

While choosing the type of meat, you should select the best quality meat. The best quality of meat can be easily cut into pieces for the smoking process. You should learn the right method for cold smoking salmon. If you love ribs, make it sure to select the finest quality from the markets to give them a proper smoking effect. The meat should be juicy to enjoy it. The smoker will give you the best meat dish when you bring supply a quality cut of meat from the shops. Don’t hesitate to spend more on good meat.


We all know how long it takes for a smoker to cook meat or vegetables. As a beginner, we often do a simple mistake by under-cooking meat. When you are using a smoker, the most important thing is to have the patience for properly cooking meat and vegetables. If you take meat from the smoker before it is time, the meat will remain under smoked which just spoils the mood of dinner. While going through the smoking process, you should be ready to stand patiently near the smoker. You have to adjust or check the heat in every few minutes for proper smoking effect.

Too Much Smoke

One thing you should remember is that there is a total difference between burning meat and exposing it to a large amount of smoke. It may happen sometime that you cook meat for a longer time but it remains uncooked from within. If the meat is exposed to continuous smoke, it loses its structure and taste. You should adjust or check the amount of smoke every few minutes. Checking the smoker every ten minutes will provide well-flavored meat. It does not get too dried out and you will get juicy and delicious meat. You have to learn to give smoking effect to the meat by cooking it for the proper time.

No Too Much Alcohol

While smoking the meat, you should avoid consuming too much alcohol. You have to stand near the smoker for a long time and serve your friends the delicious meat. Imbibing with too much alcohol will make you hungry and you won’t be able to concentrate on your cooking skills.

These are golden rules when it comes to smoking vegetables & meat in a smoker. If you follow these rules properly, it may be possible that your friends keep on demanding for more delicious meat items later.

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