smoke hollow 30 electric smoker

The Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker with adjustable temperature system is one of the best budget-friendly and highest quality Electric Smoker savailable in the market.

It comes with 4 cooking racks and 2 side handles that are extremely helpful in case you want to move it around.

smoke hollow 30 electric smoker dual views

Specifications of the Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker

  • Size: 30 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Product Weight: 47.6 Pounds
  • Model No: 30162E
  • Designed and manufactured by Masterbuilt
  • Made of: Steel
  • Handles: 2 Side handle available for transporting
  • Warranty: 90 Days
  • Product Dimension: 16 x 14 x 30 inches
  • Wood chip box: Available

Features of the Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker

Temperature Control: Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker has an adjustable temperature control system. It lets you control the heat and manage the temperature. Having an electric smoker without advance temperature control is never good. Whether you are smoking meat or vegetables; you can set the temperature to what you desire.

Cooking Area: This is a 30 inch smoker which in itself is a huge amount of space when you want to smoke food for your entire family or for the neighborhood. However, there are many large sizes Smoker available in the market than this, but this is the most common unit within this size and prize.

Design & Quality: The product has a nice design and a great fit for your outdoor cooking needs. It is made up of high quality material. That makes it stand out among all of the other electric smokers available in the market. The two handles are also very useful.

Portability: The two adjustable handles are quite useful to transport this baby. You can use them to move the unit around your patio or if you want to take it to your friend’s house.

Easy To Clean: It is mandatory that you always clean your electric smoker after each use. Whether you want to use to water or soapy water depends on the situation. But the point is you do not want to keep the unit dirty. the Smoke Hollow 30 electric smoker is generally easy to clean.

Remote Control & Glass Window: The only thing that we are missing in this fantastic product is a digital remote thermometer. But fret not, it does have an advanced digital temperature unit. With this temperature control system, it is pretty easy to manage the temperature for just the right cooking.

Easy To Use: Whether you are a beginner or pro the Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker is for everyone. You will find it very easy to use because it has a digital system to control its heat. Start the system, set the temperature and the smoker will do its job. Easy peasy!

smoke hollow 30 electric smoker door open


  • 90 days of warranty
  • Large capacity of the system allows you to smoke a lot of stuff within the unit.


  • The wood chips take a long time to give good smoke
  • Adding the wood chip requires you to open the door and this reduces the temperature
  • Some put a small tin in the bottom to catch the drippings

Conclusion on the Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker

If you are really looking for a high quality but budget-friendly electric smoker then go for this one. The Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker fulfills all your needs. As well, in this price range, you get a digital temperature control, huge racks and two sidebar handles. Just about everything you need!

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control, Black
  • Electric smoker for outdoor cooking of meat, vegetables, and more
  • Painted-steel wood-chip box; porcelain-coated steel water pan
  • 2 cooking grids; 3 temperature settings; magnetic door-latching system
  • 2 side handles for convenient transport; easy assembly; instructions included
  • Measures 16 by 14 by 30 inches
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