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Best White Wines for a BBQ:

white wine for BBQ party


Pair with: This often oaky white is on the bolder side of the flavor scale for white wines, so it can stand up to meaty grillables, like chicken, but also pairs great with lighter foods like grilled seafood.


Pair with: On the sweeter side of white wines, Riesling is great for balancing smoky meats like sausage; but of course, like most white wines, it pairs nicely with a piece of grilled fish.

Pinot Grigio

Pair with: The lightest of the whites on this list, Pinot Grigio is a crisp refreshing white that pairs best with light fare like fish and shellfish.

Best Red Wines for a BBQ:

red wine for BBQ party

Cabernet Sauvignon

Pair with: This full-bodied red goes best with bold flavors (it will overpower lighter ones), so it’s perfect for grilled steak but also pairs well with grilled pork or a juicy grilled burger.

Pinot Noir

Pair with: Lighter than most other reds, Pinot Noir harmonizes well with chicken (especially dark meat) but also stands out against bolder flavors like pork and burgers.


Pair with: Often described as “peppery,” this full-bodied red, like Cabernet, shines next to bold flavors. Getting a little spicy on the grill? Reach for the Syrah, especially with pork, steak, or burgers.

Red Blend

Pair with: Blends are sometimes considered “less-than” single-grape varities; however, blends allow for a more balanced flavor thanks to the mix of grapes. This also makes them more versatile—pair it with burgers and sausages or opt for a more classic red pairing like pork or steak.

best wine for BBQ party
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